Sammaan’s Architectural Design Principles

Building off of site visits and research work shared by our partners, we observed that, in the current scenario, the toilets were considered as a zone of filth. As such they were misused, making it unsafe, particularly for women and children. There was a major need to upgrade the experience of visiting a Public/ Community toilet.

Therefore, our designs were formulated on the basis of following principles:

  • Caretaker’s booth should be provided at the entrance of the facility for collecting money and managing entry and exit of users. Also, a partial visibility inside the toilet facility should be there for the caretaker to prevent misuse and vandalism.
  • Male and female entry, exit points should be segregated to enhance sense of security in female users.
  • Avoid zones of filth by segregating floor from walls in stalls and increasing “clean/dry areas”.
  • Robust and low value material should be used to reduce vandalism
  • Natural lighting and ventilation should be provided to prevent the feeling of claustrophobia in the entire facility as well as within the stall.
  • Zones of queuing, money collection and toilet area should be clearly defined in order to have both private and social spaces thus incorporating varying visual privacies.
  • Appropriate anthropometrics should be applied to cater the special needs of different users; for instance, old people, disabled people and children.

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